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As demands change for precious metals, so too will the price. Lincoln Gold and Coin is committed to providing our customers with the most current information and values of your precious metals.

Whether you are thinking about investing in gold and silver for the first time, or you are a seasoned investor, Lincoln Gold and Coin is your local source for precious metals. Our knowledgeable staff can provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision regarding your initial investment in precious metal or adding to your existing portfolio. Why pay shipping charges and insurance fees when you can get what you want locally with no hassles? Our inventory of both gold and silver has been fluctuating wildly during this time of financial uncertainty as buyers have been racing in to buy what they can afford before the price rises. However, we are constantly receiving new shipments as they are available from the various mint locations. If we don’t have exactly what you want at the moment, chances are we will be able to secure it for you relatively quickly. When it is time to sell some of your holdings, Lincoln Gold and Coin will purchase your gold or silver coins or bullion on the spot.

Now is an excellent time to invest in gold and silver. The price of gold recently exceeded $2,000 per ounce for the first time in history. While it will constantly fluctuate with current market conditions and had dropped below that all time record high price, it didn't fall very far and quickly bounced back to over $2,200 per ounce, now even exceeding $2,300. Some experts feel that $3,000 per ounce is not beyond possibility. Silver has maintained a level we haven’t seen in many years and could easily reach a $50.00 price in the near future, which was the highest it has ever been. Many experts are predicting a strong increase in precious metals pricing by year end. With the many problems in the world economy as well as uncertainty here at home, it is prudent to consider at least 20% of your investment portfolio in gold and silver. Think of it as insurance. When we buy a fire insurance policy on our home we pray it doesn't burn down. If it does, we have insurance to help cover the loss. The same applies to precious metal. We pray our dollar remains stable and strong. But if not, we have gold and silver to help us through. And once you own it, it is there to protect you. Unlike insurance, you don't have to pay for it again next year! It always has value. Perhaps now is the time to invest in gold and silver.